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    TELEPHONE  tel e fax+39 O75 46216
    EMAIL          info@xilocart.it
    ADDRESS     via S. Galigano, 3/5 Perugia

Mariaelisa Leboroni, was born in Macerata and has been living in Perugia for many years. She graduated at the Academy of Arts and worked as an artist until she decided to dedicate her experience to crafts.

Her entire xylographic production is the result of an imposing incision, research, the choice of woods and the careful composition of inks but it is also the result of a very strong artistic inspiration which is always alive and varies according to extremely different requirements. An unlimited source of inspiration is nature, transformed by the artist's emotional inspiration on all kinds of paper. The rich production of Xilocart, ranging from letter paper to objects of all kinds, from personalisation to events, through graphic communication and an entirely artisan development resulting from a specific choice in terms of production.

The ancient technique of xylography can therefore be easily combined with high quality Italian crafts, the culture of nature and an elegant execution.

2011 XILOCART Studio d'Arte Tipografica di Leboroni & C. s.n.c.
Via S. Galigano, 3/5 - 06124 PERUGIA - Tel e Fax (+39) 075 46216 - P.IVA 01152070544 | email: info@xilocart.it