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Xilography Art

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Xylography is a wood engraving technique used to reproduce copies of drawings or inscriptions in prints. In order to achieve good results wood with a compact grain, cut at the head, is still preferred today. The most suitable woods are those of fruit trees, such as pear, as their characteristics include clean and thin signs that can sustain a high circulation.

Preparation of the wood is a very important stage. Once the piece has been trimmed to the desired dimensions, the surface should be perfectly smooth and clean. The drawing is then transferred onto the block of wood to be notched by tracing or outlining the sketch of the figures. Steel gravers of various sizes are used to outline the shapes of the drawing by creating small grooves and removing the "bottom" until total isolation of the figures and their outlines. The skilled hands of the artists manage to provide the images with extreme plasticity by creating very important compositions.

Prints are created using the flat or roller press. The ink is put on a smooth surface and is subsequently spread using a wooden roller. The amount of ink used is very important in order to achieve the shades of colour desired. Overlapping of more than one piece of wood, of different shades, allows for the creation of multicoloured xylography with light and dark effects of an extremely rare beauty.

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